What We Charge

Minor Installations:

As with all our work, we prefer to give our customers “Up-front-pricing”.

Call or Email us with a brief description of your needs, email photos if you can.
We will give an estimate over the phone or by email.
If our price is acceptable, we will arrange a time to carry out the work. However we reserve the right to adjust the price on inspection.
On site arrival we will review your requirements and give you a written quote. If the price increases and you need time to get a few more quotes for the work, we will not charge a cent for our time.
You will be under no obligation to have us carry out the work.

Larger Installations:

We are prepared to come out on a site visit and give a quote free of charge this may assist in budgeting and give you time to compare prices with our competitors.


If you can send Drawings, Specifications, Photos or anything else that might help we will get the ball rolling to prepare a quote. We are happy to meet you on site and are happy to liaise with Architects, Interior designers or any other interested parties concerned with your proposed project.


Booked Service Calls:

Our 1 Man -Service call includes 45 minutes of his “On-Site Labour” the fee is $110.00

Labour charges beyond this are $99.00 per hour at 15 minute increments.

Un-Booked Service Calls (Emergencies):

If you have an emergency during our business hours we may need to drop what we are doing to attend to your needs – If this is the case the minimum service call is $165.00   for Up-To 45 Minutes of “On- Site-Labour”.
Labour charges beyond this are $99.00 per hour at 15 minute increments.

After hours Emergencies:

If you have an After Hours Emergency – There are many variables in this category

So Please call and ask for an estimate of charges.

All Prices Are GST Inclusive

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